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"Watch Your Fretboard Skills Grow
Day By Day, Right In Front Of Your Eyes"

This is a fretboard progress map that you will find in the Absolute Fretboard Trainer program for Windows (all versions from 98 to Windows 8).

The fretboard is blank - all white - because you have just started. (This is a guitar map, but the program supports both guitar and bass fretboards).

Go through the first lessons and start doing the interactive exercises — rapid-fire Q&A, metronome-paced drills, special progressions.

After a few days the map may look, for example, like this:

What's happening? Every time you run a drill the program monitors your performance and continuously updates your progress map.

Green areas show where you're doing well; your response is fast and consistently correct. Red areas show where you're still making mistakes or responding too slowly. Then there is the whole range in between:

Each position on the fretboard
is color-coded according to
your performance in the drills.

You can literally "get the whole picture"
of your skill at any moment at a glance.

Go on with the drills. Once or twice a day, launch the program, click on the next drill, and do your 10-minute session.

Note: There are various types of drill, interactive and not. While only interactive drills (Question and Answer) can be measured and monitored, all combine to build your skill quickly and effectively.

Select a drill, choose flats
or sharps, and start.

Note the clear keyboard
shortcuts for "power users".

In this way, after a few more days the map will, for example, look like this:

Fret after fret, string after string, with flats and with sharps, keep going...

... until the whole map is a lush green! This is how you build your fretboard skills with the Absolute Fretboard Trainer software.

Another snapshot from the program:

All in one window, without pull-down menus or other complications.
The learning curve for this program is remarkably flat.

See, you don't depend on a teacher, and you can practice at whatever time, place or intensity you choose. And how much better is this than any book, chart, or flash-card system?!

The program is productive and enjoyable from the moment you start. It's as easy as browsing a web site (see snapshot on the left) In fact, the program does not even have a separate help system - it's not needed! You'll understand when you use it.

It's flexible, too: You can learn guitar, bass, or any other fretboard instrument you want. You can display right- or left-handed fretboards, choose from various instrument sounds, set personal preferences, etc. It's a pleasure to use.

A detail of the program's
drill and display options

AFT works equally well for the complete beginner who is just starting out, right to the advanced musician who is filling out the gaps.

You get immediate feedback - the most important thing when you're learning something new. The progress maps continually show you exactly what you know and what you don't know.

It's deadly effective: with the help of the progress maps you avoid over-practicing where you don't need it, and immediately detect and mercilessly wipe out any weak spot that shows up.

From all angles: the program will train you to know the note from a position, and the position from a note. Using flats and sharps. At different speeds. In different fretboard areas. Thoroughly.

You can select any
specific fretboard area

It's Click-and-Go: all the necessary drills, carefully graded and progressively ordered, are ready to go with a single mouse click: no dead time.

It's enjoyable just like a videogame — a productive videogame that builds your fretboard skills.

By now you can probably appreciate how the Absolute Fretboard Trainer truly builds your skill:

  • In the shortest possible time,
  • with the minimum necessary effort,
  • while enjoying the process as much as possible.

So how much does it cost and how do you get it?
You'll find all the details here:

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The Method

How to develop
superior fretboard skills
The Software

Meet your personal
fretboard trainer
Order Information

How to get the program
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