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Just download, install, and run AFT LITE.

This LITE version has all the features of the PROFESSIONAL version, but with the following limitations:

  • AFT LITE does not include the advanced lessons.

  • AFT LITE gives you training over the first four positions (nut and first three frets), while the full versions give you training over the whole fretboard.

In other words, with AFT LITE you can see how the program works and start to learn the fretboard.

  • You will start to experience how different it is to play melody, bass lines or chords in an area where you know all the notes, IN CONTRAST to playing the same in an "unfamiliar" area of the fretboard.

    Note: Depending on practice and your current skill, it may take several days to a few weeks of practice to fully experience the BOOST of playing on a thoroughly familiar fretboard area.

  • All so-called "beginner's chords" are played in the first few frets. Using AFT LITE, you can thoroughly learn the actual notes that make those chords.

  • Then, when you are completely satisfied that the program can help you develop absolute fretboard skills quickly and effectively, you can buy the full version and complete your training.


Click here to download aftlite-setup.exe

Download from server #1

This file is an installation executable. Simply save it to your hard disk, double-click on it, and it will install itself.

NOTE: AFT does not change any file in the Windows System folder and does not use the registry. It installs and unistalls without disturbing your system in any way.

Enjoy the program!


The Method

How to develop
superior fretboard skills
The Software

Meet your personal
fretboard trainer
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